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Finally a phone worthy of replacing the G2

The G1 and G2 were both done by HTC who has vowed not to make any more physical keyboard phones. They've backpedaled a little but not enough to give hope for a G3 any time soon. Instead it looks like Samsung is coming to the rescue and T-Mobile is finally putting out a phone that is a reasonable replacement/upgrade to the G2. They aren't officially announcing/releasing it until the 19th, but all the stats and pictures I've seen so far look very nice.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S® Relay 4G

Look at that five row keyboard (only four on the G2). Look at those > and < keys (you had to hold down the [ or ] keys to get a popup for those). Look at the arrow keys. It's bliss. And to top it off it's a 4" screen (slightly larger than the G2), has a 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU (twice as fast x2), front-facing camera, and a NFC sensor.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an upgrade worth waiting for. *waits for it*
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