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Submissive: "I'm lazy and demanding"

When someone says they're submissive, which seems especially common as of late, this is what I think: Oglaf: Submission (Warning: Any other page of the site is almost certainly NSFW!)

More often than not this attitude creeps into more than just the bed. They'll want someone else to make the decisions for them about work, life, friends, stuff, etc, and then sometimes even want to blame that person when something doesn't go the way they wanted it to. Thus why I hate the label of dominate, because I don't want that role. I truly and honestly want to be equals or fairly close to (I've had one person go flabbergasted at that notion).

PS: Hi Brian's mom & dad! In an almost awkward first-meeting conversation last night it was mentioned they've stalked my Facebook, which really just means they've stalked my LiveJournal. :-D
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