Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Dreams: Peeing Interrupted

Last night I had a dream that involved, of all people, andrewshead.

I've already forgotten exactly how it started or what all happened before the ending, but we ended up back at his place where he has a female roommate who has a kid. They were visiting Dragon*Con in town (he moved to Atlanta?) so they weren't expected back for a while.

I've never known andrewshead to be a hoarder or a slob of epic proportions, yet his place was a mess in the dream. As soon as I walked in his place I had to use the restroom so without a single word to him I made a bee line for the restroom. I wanted to go pee, I really did, except the bathroom was larger than any bathroom I'd seen before and was littered with clothes and other stuff. Even the toilet, which was several times larger than any I'd seen before, had clothes and wrapped dirty diapers in it. Yes, dirty diapers just laying on top of clothes which were partially hanging inside the giant toilet bowl.

After I got the giant toilet bowl emptied I was about to unzip my pants and go to town when I somehow knew the roommate just got home. I also knew the roommate was going to go into the bathroom room without knocking, so I stopped and waited. Sure enough a moment later she walked in and started doing stuff with some clothes off in a corner without blinking an eye at the fact someone else was in the restroom standing in front of the toilet possibly trying to go pee. She even started chatting me up after a moment.

And then I woke up and had to go pee for real.
Tags: dreams
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