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Tweet Aggregation & LiveJournal Cross-Post

Yesterday evening instead of playing games I spent several hours doing a project I've had on my backburner for years, literally. I wrote about this idea at least as far back as 2010-05-14 where I outlined Consolidating Twitter, LiveJournal, and Facebook. Now, what I did was no where near as fancy as was outlined there but it does allow me to utilize a medium without worrying about content being lost.

LiveJournal already has a Twitter to LiveJournal aggregation and cross-posting functionality but there are two key differences between what they have and what I did. First, when a post on LiveJournal is shared with Twitter then those posts end up being posted back to LiveJournal. This would create a secondary LiveJournal entry potentially with nothing but that cross-post tweet. Second, tweets which are replies to others will not be included. If the tweet being replied to isn't public then anyone viewing it only gets half a conversation and quite likely no idea what's going on, so best to leave those out.

Yesterday's cross-post, Thoughts too short to post... (Tweets), will likely be the first of many. Knowing that any tweets will get pushed back to LiveJournal means that I will be much more willing to post random and/or short thoughts to Twitter and by extension LiveJournal. Feel free to comment on those posts or to the original Tweet. Tweets will only be reposted to LiveJournal once per day at midnight Pacific time, though.

My tasks consisted of:
  • Creating a Twitter 'application' for reading my personal tweets off the service.
  • Find an OAuth client that actually worked with the multiple consumer/user token system.
  • Pull recent tweets
    • Rehydrate HTML references for URLs, @users, #hashtags, and Retweets.
  • Post to LiveJournal's XMLRPC API.
    • Search LiveJournal source code to find undocumented arguments to prevent post from being re-shared with Twitter.
      'twitter_repost_aware' => 1,
      'repost_twitter' => 0,
Tags: livejournal, programming, twitter
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