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As all things begin, so do all things end

It's official, Brian and I are no longer in a relationship. I wanted to talk to him about something that happened recently, which triggered way more and eventually led to the mutual agreement that this wasn't going to work. Where we'll go from here is still up in the air, but we may be just friends, or we may disassociate entirely. *shrugs*

There were a number of issues, misunderstandings, miscommunication, and a lack of time or energy (which was one of the problems) to deal with them appropriately. We've made a few attempts at addressing them, and it was working for a while, but things starting sliding back again and made more difficult by the distance, his job, soon to be my job, and also soon to be various classes for both of us. We could have kept trying to bull through the problems, or ignore them, but it wasn't making both us happy.

One of the things I had originally wanted to talk about was how several times when we've agreed to play games online something would come up and he wouldn't show (or say anything) until well after, leaving me hanging. It happened several times and very recently so I wanted to see if he was willing to make up for it. His response was that he doesn't like how when he asks if I want to play games after work that he's then obligated to follow through or otherwise say he's not available. I, for one, was surprised by that attitude. I have the complete opposite attitude, where if I say something then I mean it and will try my best to follow through with it; I can even remember too vividly the times I haven't, too.

I'm not angry or depressed. I'm just "okay".
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