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It's a busy life for me... - The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
It's a busy life for me...

It is Monday morning at 9am and I'm awake and active. I have been for the past week. Active, that is, not necessarily willfully awake at 9am. Whether it's been an onsite interview, or a recruiter phone call, or game night, or an eye exam and ordering new glasses, I have been busy all week long.

This past weekend has been especially busy with things around the apartment. I've done four loads of laundry, serveral loads of dishes, cleaning the stove, vacuuming, straightening, trash recycling and compost, some games, some fapping, shopping, and even some online chatting with old friends. I also pulled out the Wii Fit last night, scrambled around for batteries and their charger, and did a little exercise. I also deleted the ex-roommates profiles as well, which was a little odd.

Today's agenda includes a haircut, stopping by the store on the way back (not that I can remember what for anymore), a recruiter call, and handling half a dozen emails. Already this morning I've registered for non-credit classes next month, swept the kitchen, dusted and wiped down my computer area. Tomorrow is another job call and I'm considering another game night.

More on the job hunt and stuff in other posts...

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