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Beginning planning for life goals and personal desires

One of the things my recent job hunt has triggered is a review of my life goals. My biggest goal, of traveling in and exploring space, is ultimately unattainable within my lifetime but there are still some other things I'd like to do that are feasible.

One my interests for a long time now has been in learning to ballroom dance. I've signed up for the class a second time, as the first time it was canceled. I also signed up for a few others that have interested me, like a drawing & sketching class and a fiction writing workshop, to encourage some development in those areas. I'm still not sure I have the skill to draw but I definitely want to get some real experience writing a short story or two, and both classes seem like a good way of advancing those interests. These classes start around mid January, but it's uncertain how many will go through or be canceled (and refunded). Not many people, if any, are signed up for them so only time will tell.

A short-term goal after getting a job is to get a full-size couch, possibly a pull-out for guests, and a projector for the living room. I haven't had my entertainment systems set up in quite some time, and the living room would give a slightly better workout area for the Wii Fit. I hope to do this within 1-3 months of starting a new job.

My mid-term goal, once I've saved up enough, is to look into getting lasik for my eyes. During my eye exam last week the subject was broached and I found out it will cost around 3500 to get both eyes done, and that number includes the pre-op, post-op, and what-not for both eyes. If my eyesight hasn't changed much in a year then I'll give it serious consideration within the next 6-12 months, if finances allow, otherwise 2-3 years.

Another mid-term goal is to build my savings account back up to emergency fund levels. Enough to cover expenses for 6 to 9 months. This will probably take about a year to a year and a half, taking into consideration my other shorter term goals and more immediate expenses like a doctor and dentist checkup and any other expenses those may incur.

My long term goal is to save enough money to invest into a business venture or real estate investment. This is likely to take 3 to 5 years, at minimum, as there will likely be expense changes and various other activities in the mean time. It is this goal that I hope to multiply and convert into an extreme goal for passive retirement funds within 35 years. I may also diverge a bit and invest into bonds, if it looks at least vaguely feasible, but that will require more research at a later date.

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