Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Thoughts too short to post... (Tweets)

  • 00:59 I won't be impressed if the sample code in your framework tutorial looks like a monkey wrote it. Stop torturing me with unreadable code.
  • 01:11 Seriously. No spaces? Inconsistent wrapping? Prefixing database tables with 'tbl'? Class generators for what shouldn't need need any?
  • 08:17 Prime example of why [System] Hungarian Notation is bad in PHP: $hUname = posix_uname();
  • 10:22 If I were a theatre major then right now I would be dramatizing "Did they (dramatic) pour it, or did they (smooth) pour it?" Barista.
  • 10:41 Don't judge. Like you've never scoped out coworkers at a new job to see who is attrative and wonder who they are. >_>
  • 22:27 If we tell people not to create their own cryptography, why don't we tell them not to create their own framework or coding standard?
  • 22:39 Or template engine, or CMS, or ... etc etc etc. I say this of the people that have no experience creating or working on any of these.
  • 22:41 Also, "overpowered" is a poor reason not to use a library or framework. 'find' can do way more than most use it for, but we still use it.
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