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"That's what they say anyway."

You can't save everyone; not everyone wants saved. That's what they say anyway.

You need to make a good impression; a good first impression is everything. That's what they say anyway.

You have to think about others. That's what they say anyway.

If I did everything people say then I'd never actually do anything or go anywhere.

My manager thinks I'm an extrovert. I know what gave him that impression, but I'm not. When there's a gap I'll fill it in and when there's a job to be done I'll just do it, but I don't go out of my way to talk to other people. "Hi, I'm the new guy. I don't actually have anything work related to talk about; I'm just here to waste your time talking about the weather and start the process of you hating me sooner." ... Does that make me homophobic?

The other day I learned that I've made some questionable first impressions. No matter how much I think about others there will always be some way I didn't and that's what will offend them.

So far I haven't found any allies, but it will only be a matter of time before I make some enemies.
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