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Upcoming Plans

Plan for today, 7-9-03:
Watch volume 3 and 4 videos of Horatio Hornblower.
Finish reading Magic's Price, the last book of the The Last Herald-Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. Once that's out of the way I can work on other things.
Learn Perl CGI while writing a script to make updating the PDI site news a lot easier.
Write a DirectX7 tile-based graphic engine.
Work on the PDI some more.

Plans for Thursday, 7-10-03:
Work on the DX7 engine.
Get some more stuff done on the PDI site.
Look for the cable hook-up guy from 2-4 pm
Possibly try to get out of going to bro's house this weekend. >_>

Continuing plans, ?-?-??:
Work on DX7 engine.
Work on PDI site.

[edit: made a mistake on the dates]
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