Russell (zimzat) wrote,

The Common Cold: Is it the plague or every day life?

Why is it that having the common cold, a relatively harmless and "short" lived ailment, feels more like having the plague? Stay away from people, don't touch, don't talk, don't breath, wait at home to die a lonely death.

Yes it's contagious, yes it's annoying, but it's rarely fatal and the recovery time is only a week or two.

The best/worst part of this argument is that people are contagious before showing symptoms and touching pretty much anything could be the trigger.

It seems like the best course of action when yet another iteration of the strain starts going around is to catch it early and get it over with. It sure beats stigmatizing the people who have it and trying to act all grossed out at people who could be potentially contaminating you with their symptoms.

We also need better immune systems so it doesn't take so long to get over something so simple.
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