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Time to upgrade from a Netbook to a Notebook again

It's time for a new mobile platform; my netbook just isn't cutting it anymore. It's tiring to have things bog down just because I have two tabs open at once, or have content barely visible because of a 600 pixel screen height or scrolling websites horizontally. Being able to see more code would make it a more enticing device for programming on the go as well. A larger screen and more powerful CPU are the two biggest items on my wish list. Battery life and small size is no longer a huge concern for me as I'm not carrying it and all of my personal possessions at the same time anymore.

I've checked out a few on Newegg and found several that would probably do fairly well. I don't want or need something that's top of the line (with a price to match!) and can play two 3D games at once, though some 3D capability would be nice for lower-end indie games (or something similar to minecraft, for example). I'm targeting laptops with a native resolution of 1920x1080 and are at least 2.5GHz with multiple cores.

I still need to purchase round-trip plane tickets to Detroit/Pontiac, Michigan for Penguicon at the end of next month so I'll need to wait until my next payday on the 19th to make this big of a purchase and still get the plane tickets before they go up in price.
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