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Daddy Letters

A letter my dad wrote on the board for me this morning:

Dear Russell: while the is time for change
you warry me. All parant have grate hope for ther cheldren: but the pader you are setting is the same as your uncal George. Peaple who take that rout usely end up a leach an ruther than an aset whith catnbit to the rest of the peaple.
The cloch of connot be turn back. I feel you are missing an opertunty of a life time in not edgecating yourself to fill a place of construtcive active in life why dont you go and Tock to you uncal George and see the rout he took & look at where he is to see if you Truly want to Trovel the way you are heading.

Exactly like that. Spelling mistakes and all. Heck, he even made some of the small a's look more like a u.

My response: Writing "Whatever" through the middle of it in red. (His was in blue)

Okay, I admit I'm not the greatest kid in the world but, hey, just cause I'm not the preacher hypocrite of the local church or out winning brainwashing souls doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. Heck, he already knows I'm not a physical kind of person and he won't catch me out on construction jobs or hard manual labor positions. bleh.
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