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Penguicon 2013: Day 1 wrap-up; Day 2 intro

Day one has come and gone and my bed was virtuously empty. I met a few people toward the end of the evening when I took a break to check out the gaming room and got invited into a game of Pandemic. Nice guys, though I got the impression they were straight (except the slightly feminine guy *face-palm*). The cue signs are all confused because of the way straight guys act around each other are ways they wouldn't act if they knew someone was gay. Or maybe I'm just all kinds of clueless and missed a great opportunity. I lost them at some point as they went into the various drinking parties and who-knows-what. I remember most of their names still, oddly enough.

There was one guy I met while playing with the Chaos Machine that I ended up chatting with until something like 3am. Great conversation, though based on that conversation (and his badge) absolutely not potential of anything other than friend (as in, under 18, make no advances). It was terribly confusing because on occasion as the evening wore on he'd start to invade my personal bubble like he was going to make an advance, and I was all kinds of confused as to if I should back up, wait for him to move away, or what. Still, it was fun to just chat with someone for more than 2 minutes or indirectly as part of panel questions.

None of these people were wearing the "interested in" badge. =_=

Because this was the first evening of the convention the room parties were in short supply. Half of them were primarily about drinking, the ConSuite was loud and boisterous, and the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream demo was too full to really see what they were doing (and I managed to get next to a small cluster of people that weren't paying the least attention to the demo but became very active when ribbons were being passed out; I left not caring about the ribbon just to get away from them).

Day two of the convention is beginning. In fact, I've already gone to one panel and just finished eating at the breakfast buffet. The food this time was about what you'd expect from a breakfast buffet so I can't complain. The last two times, though, were worthy of mentioning as questionable. The food was decent and seemed fresh, but seemed to be collecting particles of burnt matter from the grill or possibly even the bottom of the soup warmer. Speaking of soup, it tasted like their Gumbo had been reducing all day because it was fairly hot (spice wise). On the plus side the Gumbo was actually a Gumbo and not some non-southern fusion of Jambalaya and Gumbo (though I think it may have still lacked okra, though I won't hold that against them since so many people seem to hate Okra).

The one panel I've gone to so far today was titled "The Computer Nerd's Guide to Positive User Interaction". It was labeled as communication skills for computer professionals, but in reality all it did was stress that your computer skills are just a secondary facet of your job and that the primary function of your job is to suck up to your boss, their bosses, and ask for a 2$/hour raise every 6-8 months. It stressed every facet of corporate politics that I can't stand and refuse to play. Her prime example of someone who didn't do things her way was someone who worked at a warehouse as a DBA who could've made 90k but got treated like a line worker and only made 45k because he didn't follow her guide. I walked out of that panel feeling like I got a primer reminder of everything I hate about the corporate world. And of course pretty much everyone in the room seemed to agree with perception, so I wouldn't have made any friends by sticking around and disagreeing.
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