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Story, written for a certain someone. v1.1

This story is rated NC-17 and is Copyright (c) 2003 Russell Lee. This also involves m/m relations. If you are not allowed to read these things then I would suggest you go play NeoPets. Simple as that. Please leave comments as to what you think of it.
(Yes, this is my first published piece of Slash)

It was the day you had been looking forward to for weeks. Today, you would make your move. You had your eye on Jason ever since you met him in first grade. Over the years your friendship had grown closer and closer until you couldn't stand it any longer and had to say or do something. It was also the day of the weekly sleepover and this week it was being held at his house.

You pull into his driveway, grab the duffle bag in the back seat, and hop out of the car. Walking up to the front door with the bag slung over your shoulder you ring the door bell. After a few moments you start to ring it again when the door opens.

"Hey man!" Jason shouts out the door to you, "Ready?"

"Yep," you say, "Knowing you, you already have plans for us."

"Come on in and I'll show you what I have in mind," he smiles warmly, nearly causing you to melt on the spot.

You reposition the bag strap and follow him in to his room, greeting his mother on the way, "Hello Mrs. Foxworthy, how are you?"

"Good. Just finishing up this salad for supper tonight," she tells you.

"Sounds good. I'll catch up with you later. Time to find out what Jason has planned for us this weekend."

You rush after Jason, already in his room waiting. Pulling the duffle bag off your shoulder, you plop it in the corner and turn around toward Jason's grinning face. "What has you so happy?"

"I figured we could play the new game I got for my Holo-Gamis," he says as he puts a hand down the side of the bed and retrieves a game chip, handing it to you.

"Final Fantasy XX?!" you exclaim, reading off the label. "I've been wanting to play this for months. When did you get it?"

"Oh, I've been saving some money from my job and picked it up yesterday on the way home from the job. I didn't plan anything else this weekend because I thought this was all we would get done. Of course, if you wanted to do something else I'm sure..." he starts saying teasingly.

You cut him off in mid-sentence, "Are you nuts? Don't answer that. Just load it in and let's get started." He chuckles and takes the chip back from you. After pushing it into the slot you grab a controller and sit down on the bed next to him.

After a few minutes, and almost forgetting about your own plans for the weekend, you decide to put them in motion now. You slowly move closer until you can feel his heat next to you. A few moments later, and in the middle of a boss fight, you scoot flush up to his side. You wait a little while longer to see what his reaction is.

Once you are sure he isn't going to push you away, you gently lay your head on his shoulder and smile to yourself. He chuckles and you feel the comforting vibrations from his throat.

"It seems you had the same idea as I did." He turns his head towards yours and moves his lips closer to yours.

This was what you had hoped for but it still surprised you. He kisses you softly on the lips before pulling back and smiling. You mumble a single sound, "Mmm," and a meek smile forms on your face. You lean a little closer in hopes of another, completely ignoring the fact your character is getting killed.

Jason obliges you, matching his lips to yours, parting them a little. You push your tongue between his lips, savoring his sweet flavor. His tongue meets yours, spending several moments exploring each other’s mouths. The room door slides quietly shut with a signal from you. Another moment later and you gently tug on his bottom lip, moving your hands to caress his sides as he cups your cheeks in his palms.

He gently pushes you onto the bed, all the while slowly moving down from your lips, planting soft kisses on your skin as he goes. He tugs your shirt up with his hands. Removing his lips from your skin for a moment, he pulls the shirt over your head. As if without interruption he continues down your chest, stopping to suck on each nipple and roam his tongue in your belly button. You run one of your hands through his hair and the other on his back.

Reaching your waist, he bites the surface of your dick through your pants. A small moan escapes your lips as you close your eyes. A few seconds later you feel the button undone and hear the zipper being pulled down. As your briefs and pants are pulled below your crotch, warm breath hits your hardened dick.

Another moan leaves your lips as he circles the base of your dick with his tongue and toys with your balls. You quickly follow it with a gasp as he envelops your dick in his mouth. After so much teasing the sudden burst of sensation is almost overwhelming. Circling his tongue around in intricate paths, he sucks harder the more you moan. It doesn't take long in this fashion before things reach a climax.

"Dude," you let out in-between moans, "I'm gonna cum!"

Your back arches ever so slightly as you reach orgasm. Not letting a single drop escape his waiting mouth, he swallows it without hesitation. In a few moments you have cum as much as you can and he climbs back up on top of you. Smiling he presses his lips against yours, gifting you with the combined taste of your cum and his mouth.

"Boys!" Both boy's heads jerked toward the direction of his Mother's voice from the door, still closed, with surprise, "Get ready for supper."

You grin, "Well, unless you want her to come looking for us like this, we had better get cleaned up."

Jason feigned a face of disappointment before smiling and getting up.

The End... ?

Thanks go to starwind_ for beta reading this.

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