Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Downtime; Gaming; Potential Travel/Vacation

While there are lots of important things going on at work right now we're being blocked by service dependencies and I'm almost at 40 hours already for this week so I'm taking a break in the lounge area until the team meeting in ~40 minutes (at 11am).

I've got virtually nothing going on right now. No plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas. No travel plans. No classes, events, or gatherings. Just me, myself, work, and the occasional gamer's meetup. Instead I'm playing games at home, trying to finish up Torchlight 2 and working my way through Batman Arkham Origins (which thankfully has nothing to do with a service by a similar name). Once I'm done with those I think I'll find a used copy of Mass Effect 3 on XBox and play through that finally.

I am considering a trip to Las Vegas. Something during Christmas time or New Years, with all the lights and sounds, while staying at the Bellagio and watching the fountains, would be ideal. The only thing that would be missing is the gaming group there since they usually break for the holidays in December. I could probably still catch up with a few people even if not the group as a whole, so it'd still be worth it.
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