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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Cox Sucks
And so, the reason I don't have the "TV Guide Interactive" software instead of this subpar thing is because Cox is too cheap to pay them the money for it. If you're going to go without that then at least get your own guide software up to par before undermining them! Geez. Now I'm stuck with this sick little thing.

Oh, let's not forget they didn't give me a dang remote with a "day" button to skip guide by days. Add to that my guide doesn't store past 3:30am scheduling. Then the search for a program function is even worse. And when I asked it to skip channels, it leaves them all on the guide (TV Guide didn't do that either anyway though)

I have half a mind to override the internal software and write my own dang guide.

Current Mood: ticked
Current Music: "This I Promise You" by N Sync

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