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Five things about me

Here is a list of 5 things you may or may not know about me:
(idea stolen/copied from lakeguy)

1. My last job was programming for an adult online streaming website. Walking through the office regularly had porn on someone's screen, which also made the casual conversations much more likely to include sexual content as a topic. This is where I learned of the flat penis (google it, if you dare) and talked about tenticle dildos on toy helicopters.
2. I have a thing for jockstraps, red heads, and moderately hairy guys. Combinations of the three are especially nice.
3. I was a teacher's pet in school and enjoyed learning. Despite that I don't have a thing for learning for the sake of learning and don't fall victim to the Wikipedia trap very often.
4. I get bored with repetition very easily and strive to automate or simplify as much as possible, in both work and personal life. I still don't understand how others tolerate doing the exact same thing over and over. Once I've learned the concept and have a good grasp of things then I start getting bored.
4b. I'm a problem solver. When there's a problem then I try to find a solution. Some people like to just complain, but I still look for a solution. I dislike hearing people talk about problems if they aren't also looking for solutions.
5. I occasionally think about taking adult-oriented photos and videos and posting them publicly online. I have no concern about being exposed or impact on political career possibilities (bring it on!), yet I can't bring myself to do it without some sort of feedback or collaboration.
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