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Travel-induced appetite loss? Perhaps.

I'm becoming a little concerned about my appetite. Since arriving in Boston a few days ago I've had very little to eat, and felt like eating even less. I had a fairly large meal on Saturday evening before boarding the plane. All I ate on Sunday was half a breakfast sandwich at a cafe and then a few fries later that night (not nearly enough to be considered a meal unto itself). Monday all I ate was a blueberry scone until late that evening when I had some ground meat, rice, and spices wrapped in grape leaves, and some fries. That could be considered a full meal.

This morning (2pm local time, 11am home time) I went out and got a 'Big Toast' (?) from Dunkin Donuts and a grande peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I got about 2/3 of the way through the sandwich before I was already done, though forced myself to finish it off. The coffee may sit for a while with only 1/4 touched as I don't really feel like drinking it anymore.

If this keeps up for the rest of the trip I'll likely have lost several pounds by the time I get back to Seattle. That could be good for my figure but bad for my health. I'd rather have good health than good figure but I don't have the appetite. *shrug*
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