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Learning to teach trying to be perfect

This morning I realized that I need to become a better teacher (in several ways).

I used to be harsher on myself than I was on others. My own worst critic, so to speak. I am a perfectionist and while I realize I'm not perfect and likely never will be I can at least try. It helped me pay attention to detail and to always try doing my best without it being a 'big deal'.

Over time that has started changing to where I've also started to expect others to live to higher standards. I expect perfection, but I'll accept trying. No one is perfect and they shouldn't have to be, but there's nothing wrong with trying. Shoot for the stars, land on the moon, so to speak. It's a good first step and it's infinitely better than not trying at all. At least those who are trying can be taught and will eventually learn and become better. That's all anyone can ask.

I leave you with this xkcd comic: Ten Thousand that reminds us that not everyone knows everything we do and it's better/funner to show someone than it is to mock them for not knowing. This particular comic speaks to me because I very frequently get told "How could you not [...]? Everyone has seen/done/etc that!"
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