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Quiz: What state do you actually belong in? (Virginia)

The quizzes that were ever so popular on LiveJournal way back in the day are starting to make a come-back on Facebook.

What State Do You Actually Belong In?
Virginia: You’re the ORIGINAL. People look to you for advice and follow your example. You’re a well-rounded person: professional but not afraid to cut loose from time to time. You’re mature at the same time you’re immature. You refuse to be pigeon-holed into one group or another and that’s something to admire.

... What? hahaha. Okay, not what I would have expected but the description is about 50% accurate (by word count). Cut out most of the stuff about being immature and that's pretty much me. The part about 'cut loose' is debatable. I don't know that I'd really want to live in Virginia; I don't know much about the state so I can't say.

I dislike how they force you to answer every question. The tests on OkCupid allow ignored questions. In this one I didn't want to answer Which of these is your favorite fast food chain?, Choose a baby., Pick a musician., Which of these names would you choose for your baby?

Which of these is your favorite fast food chain? Dunkin' Donuts. It's really not, but they didn't include "In-N-Out" or "Capriotti's". Popeyes is a close second.
Which of these TV shows appeals to you most? The Pretender. Gilmore Girls was good too.
Choose a baby. Second row, middle. (satisfied/happy baby). I really didn't want to answer this one.
Which animal do you feel best represents you? Cardinal (it's a bird; they didn't have a snowy owl)
What quality are you most attracted to in a partner? Thoughtful. I could have also gone with "Well educated" or "Interesting". They lacked a "logical" option.
Which of these negative adjectives best applies to you? Needy. I could have also gone with "Obsessive" or "Boring".
Pick a musician. Al green. Whoever.
Which of these names would you choose for your baby? Jacob. It's not too wild and not too common either.
Which of these is your favorite movie quote? "We Are The Titans! The Mighty Mighty Titans!" - Remember The Titans. Good movie; inspirational.
Choose an Actor. Denzel Washington. I'd take Morgan Freeman or Whoopi Goldberg any day, but they weren't options. Ellen DeGeneres would have been a good alternative, but not because I remember her acting.
What's your party anthem? "Don't stop believing" by Journey. There may have been a better one but I didn't spend time looking them up.
Which of these pictures is the most appealing? Bottom row, first. (rolling green hills and clouds) The second-to-bottom middle one, with even grass fields and low sun was also nice. I'd take the bottom-row last one, with the forest surrounded by green mountains, as a good summer get away.
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