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A stranger contacted me

A stranger contacted me earlier today. The following conversation log resulted.
---- New Conversation @ Mon Jul 21 18:22:09 2003 ----
(18:22:08) gurl of angels: sorry to hear no one is talking to you, but you brought that on yourself you know
(18:22:22) gurl of angels: its called you complain too much
(18:22:33) gurl of angels: and arent grateful enough
(18:23:19) gurl of angels: I mean, I would understand if you complained while trying to do something about the situation, but you dont even do anything about your situations
(18:23:26) Zimzat: What ever are you talking about? For that matter, who are you?
(18:23:34) gurl of angels: hahaha
(18:23:40) gurl of angels: you know who I am.
(18:24:16) gurl of angels: and I talked to Loni......
(18:24:22) gurl of angels: so I know what I am saying is true
(18:25:05) gurl of angels: hehe
(18:25:22) gurl of angels: I decided that I feel sorry for you
(18:26:08) gurl of angels: do YOU know who I am?
(18:26:13) gurl of angels: or were you just pretending
(18:27:59) gurl of angels: hehe, I think someone has an attitude problem
(18:28:07) Zimzat: I do not know you. You are a stranger to me.
(18:28:18) gurl of angels: you know me
(18:28:30) gurl of angels: I havent changed my screename
(18:29:15) gurl of angels: Anna?
(18:29:36) Zimzat: *shrugs* I severed ties with Anna ages ago, asked her to do the same.
(18:29:57) gurl of angels: but she doesnt listen to you
(18:30:35) Zimzat: Which is why this conversation is Over.
---- New Conversation @ Mon Jul 21 18:30:58 2003 ----
(18:30:58) gurl of angels: put me on your ignore list, thats the only way you are gonna get rid of me.
During the span of this she "warned" me to 3% and, I would guess, if given the chance she would have driven it higher to prove a point I don't know exists.

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