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Moving on from one job to another, but to what end?

Monday was my last day at the job I had started just five weeks earlier. It wasn't unexpected and really it was just a matter of time until one side or the other pulled that trigger. Despite that it still hit me pretty hard.

The official reason for my termination is a culture mismatch, which is technically true.

The reality is that the company is allergic to change and commitment. I like change, I like making things more efficient, faster, better, easier, and simpler, and I like keeping with the times and pushing those times forward. When someone in a position of overriding power and job security wants things to stay exactly the way they are then... well, culture mismatch. It was more like an inevitable train wreck waiting to happen.

I should be grateful for being let go sooner rather than later, but I'm also disappointed and bothered that I didn't get to affect much change in the project I was specifically hired to reign in. It frustrates me to know that no matter who is right or wrong I can't even be productive and given a purpose beyond status quo maintainer (and some status quos are worse than others). I'm getting tired of wanting a better workplace instead of the same old politics and "gain/spend political capital" or whatever. If the idea has merits then it's worth looking into, and if it doesn't then it's worth determining why and finding a better way. Doing something just for the sake of doing it is ... spinning wheels in the mud.

I need to take some time to think about the specifics of what I want and how to get it before moving forward with another job.
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