Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Two weeks away means some things unattended; homeward bound

  • I haven't trimmed my beard in two weeks. It's starting to show. o.o
  • Or clipped my nails. Ouch, they're getting long and sharp.
  • I also haven't masturbated in almost as long. Haven't even felt like it until the last couple of days.
  • I've deactivated my Facebook account. The negative impact far outweighed the positive, even after reducing the number of people on it to less than 20.
  • I don't check twitter anymore. Sorry. The medium is insufficient for adequate communication.
  • The entire realm of 'social media' is dead to me. Media is not why I'm using it; social is, and very little is actually social about it anymore.
  • I'm still uncertain what I want to do about the future but I'll be back on the hunt for a job again in about a week.
  • I've removed location restrictions on match searches on OkCupid. The distance doesn't matter if I don't know where I want to live anyway.
  • I'll be doing similar to my job search as well. There are places I don't want to move that I'll weed out as I look around.

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