Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Vacation Return to Apartment Disconnect

Upon returning home on Wednesday night, after being away for two weeks, one thing I felt was a mental disconnect with the apartment. I recognized the layout, but stuff felt disassociated. When I went into the kitchen for water it took me a moment to remember where the glasses were. I had a similar vibe about numerous other things as I went about unpacking and during my morning 'routine'.

I'm not sure if this is indicative of the general thought process I've been going through, from being away for so long, or just from going to so many other places while I was away. It does make me continue to wonder if it's time to get up and move again. Actually, I already know it is but being unsure where to go and still having over two months left on the lease makes it a little more difficult to just get up and move. In the mean time I still have things to get rid of in preparation for downsizing and looking for a job.

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