Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Dreaming of a cuddle

Last night I had one of those dreams that feels really sweet when you're having it and for a short while after waking up but the longer you think about it the more it starts to turn sour.

The dream started off innocent enough with some chit-chat while getting ready for bed with a certain straight guy. Casual conversation and banter, nothing more. Once in bed things took an odd turn when he made some sort of connotation about being a poet and into poems which seemed to be the catalyst for 'accidentally' getting close. I froze and stared awkwardly as I felt him beside me and asked what that was supposed to mean, if that meant he was into guys. No, just poems and cuddling. I still have no idea how poems means cuddling but if some cute guy wanted to cuddle with me I wasn't going to say no. I said that was fine with me and if I got aroused it was just an automatic response but I wasn't going to try anything.

It was a nice feeling, just cuddling. There were some more strange occurrences with regard to how one sleeps (pajamas? underwear? nude?) and being potentially interrupted by someone walking in but even once I woke up it still felt very nice for a while.

But now as I think about it more and the specific person involved it just makes me sad and disappointed. I know it's not real and while this specific person is largely unknown to me it's still safe to say this is an improbable scenario. Oh well. Life goes on.
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