Russell (zimzat) wrote,

A state of mind; a place of body

Whenever I visited Vancouver it felt like time passed at a different pace than elsewhere. There wasn't a huge rush to get anywhere other than to the bus station right before leaving. It felt like things happened when they happened and when I wanted to spend time on specific things there was time to do so. Whether I wanted to spend a couple hours on the beach or an hour making dinner or an hour walking the water front or an hour walking around the neighborhood or an hour quiet on a reclining chair. It was peaceful and relaxing.

I want to return to that place; that state of mind.

I also want a place I can return to between trips into the world where all of my creature comforts and stuff is; a place to call home where I can do anything I want however I want. A place that is relatively quiet from street noise, sirens, and neighbors.

A small house in a moderately sized town, where living doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, could be that place. Somewhere within biking distance from groceries, transit, and other comforts like restaurants and cafes. Maybe somewhere with year round moderate temperatures, though a little heat and a short chill is fine too.

My introversion is leaking.
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