Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Phasing through life, one step at a time: Leaving one job and exploring next steps

Two weeks ago I talked to my manager and said that I think it's time to start transitioning me out of the company. After giving it much thought, discussion, and time I decided that this wasn't the place for me and it was time to move on. We talked about how long to transition and what needed to be done before the last day, and that was that.

Now that that period is finished I can start thinking about what my next steps will be. I'm thinking about trying my hand at writing again, or teaching a programming architecture/design class somewhere, or doing a little traveling to see friends, or some combination of those. I'm also going to spend more time on things that interest me, like playing games, going for walks, going to the symphony, reading, and cafe hopping.

I'm going to give myself this coming week to unwind, rest, and feel out these prospects before deciding what to pursue and how.

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