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Writing Exercise: Day 1

As an exercise in writing I've decided to start by just writing whatever comes to mind. Bits and pieces of characters, worlds, mechanics, interactions, situations, whatever comes to mind. Typically the only editing will be in the sentence being written, to change a tense, or fix a spelling error. From this I intend to refine my writing style, explore new situations, and perhaps in time a story will materialize.

Below are the meager results from yesterday. There are three tiny snippets and one larger action piece.

Once upon a time there was a young man who lived in a flat on the outskirts of the city. Like most people he worked an average job, had an average life, and had average friends.


He could feel the magic coursing through his body as he reinforced his shields and prepared an attack of his own. Concentrating power in his hands he formed a ball of fire and sent it toward his opponent. Upon impacting the statue the ball immediately reversed course and flew back at him. Instead of evading it he let his shields absorb the energy and sent the power back out again as a lightening bolt. Again the statue reflected the lightning back and again his shields absorbed the energy. This time he concentrated the magic to his feet and into the ground below him to carve out a chunk of compacted earth at the statue like a cannonball. The statue absorbed the momentum and disintigrated the projectile into a fine dust, but instead of softly falling to the ground it formed into many small pellets that flew back at him. His shields absorbed most of the momentum but many of the pellets still got through to physically hit him like softly thrown marbles. The effect wasn't serious but it caused his concentration to waver for a moment and along with it his shield. He spent a moment to reinforce them and to adjust their affect on physical attacks so the next barrage would be deflected instead of absorbed.


The bowl looked like any ordinary bowl, one that would be used by any cook to prepare ingredients, or that sat on any dining room table with fruit waiting to be eaten.


The pitch fork tines thrust into the pile of hay before raising up to
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