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Writing Exercise: Day 2

I'm going to call it a day on the writing exercise so I can get some lunch and get some other productive things done, like washing dishes. :-P

Today I have four moderately sized snippets combining to a total of 583 words.

A lazy Sunday afternoon rolls by. The birds are chirping as the sun shines around a garden sanctuary in a bustling megatropolis. In the not-far-enough distance sirens pierce the rustle of wind through the trees as a stark reminder of the reality that awaits just beyond the bushes. The sound echoes away and the quiet peace returns. Concrete trees and metal branches surround the garden to give an illusion that nothing else in the world matters or exists.

It is nice, if but for a moment, to care about naught.


He stole another glance at his lunch date before looking back down at the sushi platter between them. Using the chopsticks resting in his hands he grabbed another piece of the tuna roll, dipped it lightly in Teriyaki sauce, and placed it in his mouth. As he chewed he tried to think about something to say to break the ice. As he swallowed he remembered they mentioned having visited an ocean beach recently.

"How was your trip to the beach? Did you do any activities while you were there?" he said. As soon as he finished talking he realized they had just put a slice of a large roll into their mouth. They looked at him with slight astonishment, chewed, and said nothing. He scolded himself for not paying attention while feeling slightly flustered. "Oh, sorry."


Waiting at the red light she thought about all the things she had to get done today. First there was the dentist appointment at ten, then she needed to stop by the grocery store to grab some things for tonight's dinner party with her housemates, followed by a quick stop at the pharmacy to get more birth control pills before she ran out. Once she returned home, which it would likely be about noon by then, she would need to make herself some lunch. A tuna salad sandwich with some leftover bowtie pasta sounded good. Finally she would need to get dinner started by soaking the chicken to thaw while she dusted, vacuumed, and tidied up the living and dining rooms. Once all that was done she would get started on the; a loud honk behind her reminded her the light was green.

She was just about to put pedal to the metal when a loud scream made her look to the right as a child ran into the street. She slammed her foot back on the brake as the child's mother grabbed them from in front of her vehicle and carried them to safety. Despite the adrenaline already pumping she let out a deep breath and sighed.


The fight had been going for what seemed like hours with little sign of either opponent having the upperhand. Their shields absorbed what little direct damage was being inflicted while evasive maneuvers dodged the majority of attacks. The two nimble crafts zipped around at speeds the unaided eye would have trouble following yet their computers had no trouble at all. Their sensors watched and listened for all the tell-tell signs of engines, weapons, and defense systems and extrapolated patterns to set in evasive actions before the shots were even fired.

The humans on the planet below sat in silence watching helplessly as the night sky lit up from energy discharges while streaks of light illuminated the path the two crafts took. No one knew where they had come from or why they were here, and no one was mistaking that they came in peace.
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