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Personal Projects: Creating a custom feed reader

I haven't posted about the writing exercise recently because I switched focus to a personal programming project I've been meaning to do for a very long time now.

Over the last week I've written a new feed reader from scratch containing only the features I use and optimized and organized using better design practices than the one I'd been using for a very long time. The backend is built in PHP 5.6 using composer packages for routing, database access, logging, and the feed parser. The frontend is built in HTML/JS using npm/grunt packages for AngularJS 1.4 and Bootstrap 3. It took about or a little less than one work week of time in total.

For the most part I'm satisfied with what I've gotten done but now there are a few new features I want to implement, like better notification when feeds fail to update. One of the things I noticed while working on this is that a number of feeds I used to watch moved or stopped working altogether and the old feed reader never put anything up in my face to say 'hey, there's a problem, go check it out and do something'. That's something I'll tackle in future weeks as for now I want to get back to the writing and other goals I have in mind.
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