Russell (zimzat) wrote,

With similarity comes acceptance; with dissimilarity comes rejection

I may have just figured out why there's such a massive disconnect between me and most people (in particular gay guys but also applicable to other scenarios): Fashion. I don't dress like them.

The number of people who dress and act similarly is staggering. I just watched a gay couple holding hands go by wearing nearly identically fashioned outfits. Both high shorts, thin shoes, similarly styled button-up shirts, and even beards and glasses of a similar style and length.

Then I thought back to the other night when I was passing by the gayborhoods bar area and recalled that many of the people who were there and talking to each other were all wearing and acting very similar to each other.

My fashion sense was frozen back when loosefit jeans and simple tshirt were casual dress. I've never worn a suit and can count on one hand the number of times I've worn shorts. Even button up shirts are very rare to me (I dislike how they split open to expose skin, get untucked and hard to put back in place, and strongly dislike the idea of wearing an undershirt (talk about hot and uncomfortable).

Well, I'm screwed.


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