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The difference in attitude regarding symphony attire - The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
The difference in attitude regarding symphony attire
andrewshead From: andrewshead Date: November 10th, 2015 03:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow the CSO really sounds pretentious.

Normally Symphonies are a reflection of the town they're in. Sadly CSO doesn't have "dress down" nights or the "everyone nights" I've seen at other locations.
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zimzat From: zimzat Date: November 10th, 2015 01:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
the Seattle Symphony has a similar list of questions yet gives off a subtly different vibe. They do have several 'dress down' nights where even the musicians will wear casual clothes (like sports jerseys once when the Seahawks were a big thing).

Chicago is not a place I would voluntarily live if I had a choice about the matter. I'd be tempted to move back to Seattle if I could but I'd also like to see what other places are out there before assuming it's the best option for a permanent settlement.
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