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"Dress to impress"; I'm not impressed

It's that time of year when companies host holiday parties, free booze flows, and dress codes are made a requirement. This year I have/had invites to two parties (due to various circumstances).

The dress code for the first was "Dress to Impress" that, through phone-chain communication, turned into "No t-shirts, jeans, or sneakers." I dislike dress codes and fancy clothes so I don't own any, which means to comply I would have had to go out and buy an entire outfit just for the holiday party. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I went shopping and bought an outfit that matched the requirement while being closer to my own preference, but I started hating myself for capitulating. I contacted the party organizer directly to clarify acceptable attire to which I was told 'wear what makes you comfortable'. I ditched the new clothes and went with the outfit I originally had in mind, which was a black t-shirt with an artistic design and new dark blue jeans and my normal black shoes. I still felt conflicted for a while due to pressures to conform but otherwise was comfortable with myself again.

Though all this I realized that one major reason why I dislike "fancy" clothes is that I'm not impressed by suites, ties, slacks, or button-up shirts. On rare occasion I may feel momentarily intimidated or out of place for non-conformitity but I recover quickly enough and go about my business. Interestingly, most of the time seeing a guy in fancy clothes makes me feel less attracted to them (thus making it notable the rare occasion where someone in these kinds of clothes is still attractive).

The second party invite makes no mention of dress code so I'll pick out a different shirt but otherwise go in similar getup.

Eventually I'd like to change out my wardrobe en-mass but I'm going to be very particular about what types of clothes, designs, and colors and I don't want to do it piecemeal or from being forced to by someone else either. I want to get a dozen new combinations of outfits before wearing any of them, regularly or for special occasions.
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