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Ok, that didn't go as well as I wanted. He didn't appear to be there today, or yet. Maybe he only comes in during the evening shift but whatever the case I was too unfocused and sleepy to get any writing done. I wandered around for a little while, looking at the occasional book and picking a few out to read:
Writing Fiction Step By Step by Josip Novakovich
Write Type: Personality Types & Writing Styles by Stephen D. Gladis
How To Enjoy Writing by Janet and Isaac Asimov
The Genesis Wave: Book Three by John Vornholt (A Star Trek: TNG book)

Afterwords I walked home, stopping by the public pool for a few minutes before continuing home.

While I wait for 1pm to roll around I'll do a little work on the new PDI interface. Still not awake enough to do much of anything, though. Sad, isn't it? The good news there though is that the energy drinks and bars will be in soon, probably tomorrow or Friday.

*gets an odd tingly sense about Friday* Hmm, interesting. I wonder what it could be.
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