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Giddy Librarians

*grins* The library called a while ago saying it's my turn to get the Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix book. The best part of that phone call is Nicholas was the one to tell me. Somehow I recognized his voice over the phone ^_^

Okay, so I was going to have my sister bring me however she disappeared somewhere. I'm all gushing over the thought of seeing him that I had my mom bring me. Two things wrong with that; she hates Harry Potter and then after she got all upset over me "using her" I told her the reason I wanted to go right then instead of waiting for Esther was cause I knew a guy that I think is cute [Nicholas] is there. She says, "I thought so"

huh... lol

Dang, I imagined at least half a dozen different conversations I wanted to have and all I said was "Hi. You have a book for me, Russell Lee." ... And I peeked at his .... and ... Yeah! haha! I've almost never done that before. So unlike me =D *wishes he had said "Hi. How are you?"*

*sighs dreamily* anyway... I'll read the book later tonight and probably in the morning too. I should have it back within a week.

P.S. Seems he works the evening shift.
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