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Hail Me!

Hail me, for I am the God of laziness, the Saint of making things up on the fly, the Pope of moodiness, the Bishop of stretching facts so far it doesn't resemble the truth, and Worshipper of loud techno music (or any music with a fast beat).

Why did I just say that? Cause I'm working on the PDI site and I'm doing it primarily with a "cut and paste" coding technique. How is that done, you may ask? By cutting code relevant to what needs to be done from one script and pasting it onto this page. Oh, don't get me wrong, I understand what I'm doing... just, uh, don't expect me to make a fancy page without looking on my "cheat sheets."

I may be able to keep my job if I can get it done soon. (Scott, I bet about right now you're is wishing you had chosen the other web master)

Well, back to work.

P.S. Whee! The LJ RSS feed works! ^_^ I'm wondering if I should remove that link at the top of the entry though...

Edit: P.S.S. I doubt myself too much... yep... That's why I added this to my info:
I also doubt myself in everything I do, even though I have proven to be superior.

... What? Why are you looking at me like that? ... So I'm conceited. I still doubt myself.
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