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Here's the deal...

Dad's at work so I don't have to deal with him until around 6pm. Until then, I don't plan on doing the dishes because if I do they'll think I'll do whatever the heck they tell me just because they demand it. Once he gets home though, I'm going to talk to him and tell him I won't do anything on demand just because he says so or says I should be carrying my weight around. I agree with him, no one is my slave. I never said or have done otherwise. I'm not holding a gun or fist to their head making them do anything they do. I don't even raise my voice or yell at them for things. In fact, I rarely get anything from them or do they do anything for me.

Anyway, after that I'll put them in the dishwasher some time tonight, provided he hasn't tried to shove his "views" and "beliefs" at me about my "proper" place in the house. | I mean, come on! My proper place in the house is not the fixer-upper or the dough bringer. I'm Seventeen for goodness sake! Not fourty and married w/kids to support! It's not my place to support his other daughter, her husband, and her three kids when the husband is perfectly able to get a job himself. If he chooses to support her family instead of his own and expect me to support the rest of his family, he is sorely mistaken. | Well, I'm going back to sleep now that he isn't here to bang on my door. I have quite a day ahead of me, including a possible visit to the library and a bit of past due work on PDI. (I meant to get it done for the Monday update, however the weekend flew by)

Take care peeps, and tell the people you care for that you do.

P.S. Guess that means me too. Kyle, you're very sweet ^_^
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