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Universe, I love you.

I think the Universe is trying to tell me something. Give me a gesture of good will in place for all the not-so-good things that have happened.

Scribbled this while waiting for history class to start earlier tonight:
History class certainly just got brighter. I have learned one thing in it that I love; Nicholas is taking this class too! >_> AAHHHH!! When I first found this out I had to bite my lip several times to keep from making a smile or grin as wide as my face. WooHoo!!!

*chuckles* Ok, hopes up high enough, and I still haven't said anything to him!!

Mkay, gotta write something else before someone sees this... right?

Of course the teacher walked in a few seconds later so I didn't get anything else wrote. But was I thrilled. Just about melted in my seat! ta'hahaha It'll take me a good part of the week just to calm down.

starwind_ suggested I ask him for help with the class as a way to meet rather than putting a note on his car ^^; She's so smart. Yes she is. Sad thing is it'll be a week before I can put that bit into action. The only other chance I have to see him at college is tomorrow, and that's only if he's also taking Math 1100, College Algebra. Somehow I doubt he is but... I never expected to see him at college at all.

I'm smilin' like a fool. I better stop typing before I fill up a page or two more rambling on.
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