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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Finally a entry
It's about time I sit down somewhere and write a journal entry. Right now I'm in the student center of the RPCC campus. Think of it like a teacher's lounge for the students. At this moment there are only three other people in here; two males and a female. Everyone is sitting at their own table.

Anyway, the classes aren't hard, just so long as I do the work over the weekend. The only class that is really boring is physical science and that is because the teacher, a Mr. Henry Smith, is rather slow about teaching. I've been to three of his classes already and we have yet to get started with lessons. We didn't even get our syllabus until yesterday.

On a very good note, I talked to Nicholas last night. Yes, I really did. It wasn't until after he asked if I was the one who left the note at the library though. (oh, yeah, I left a note for him at the library last Friday. He wouldn't get it until Saturday.) He's taking at least three classes although he may have mentioned a fourth. The three I do remember are sociology, computer lab (or something), and, of course, U.S. History. He also doesn't have access to the internet. Enough about him for the moment.

As far as the PDI site goes, I fixed a few errors and went though about half the news archives fixing them as well but I haven't taken the time to work on any of the other features I've been meaning to implement. I hope to work on them this weekend unless something, such as Nicholas, interferes. Oh, none of the changes I mentioned above have been implemented to the public server. I will as soon as the comic resumes its update schedule. If you want to see them, though, you can go [here].

After this week I'm going to print a copy of what I have written for that story and continue it whenever I have a free moment; from waiting for my ride after classes to break times during my evening classes.

I think that's pretty much everything and I haven't even used two sheets of paper. Going to get a drink then head out for class, even if I do have 10 minutes before it starts.

[This was written between 11 and 11:50 pm CST]

Current Mood: disappointed disappointed
Current Music: "Set This Circus Down" by Tim McGraw

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