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Introductory Speech

I started writing this about half an hour before speech class and finished just as it started. I then gave it a little later and got an A for it. The actual speech is a little different than this but this provides a basic idea of what I said.

The tale I tell is not one of a person with a happy past. It is one of a person with trouble with society, family, and himself.
It all began in his youth when he felt seperated from society by his family because of his bladder problem.
As he got older he was taken in and out of public and homeschool so he never got comfortable with his enviroment or made more than a few friends at a time.
He did finally overcome the bladder problem but other things had cropped up by then, including a divided family. His parents squabbled with his sisters until it resulted in the force marriage of one and the other getting beaten with a switch.
A while after his family had settled down to a tolerable level he came to the realization he was gay. At first he didn't come out to anyone but he felt it was something his family should know. It did not help his self esteem when they did not respond positively.
He came to term with his own sexuality in time but has never recieved the support of his family. He alos lets it be known to anyone who knows him for a significant amount of time.
Since then he has graduated the public school system and finds himself speaking to you today.
Thank you.
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