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Where am I?

I sit here in the school's computer lab, wasting time because there's nothing to do. There's a class in here right now but they're all off in their own world basicly ignoring me. I'm not surprised. Today I feel like I'd get ignored.

I should study for my Psychology class in about half an hour but that bores me and I figure I'll do a good enough grade on it considering I studied in class.

I wish I could work on my game project from here. No, I'm not going to give any details since every other game project I start on never went anywhere. This one I'm just going to keep to myself and let Robert (Not my dad) motivate me to continue working on it. I want to skip ahead and start working on everything at once but I know if I do that I'll get overwhelmed and discouraged. One step at a time...

I'll go sit outside and listen to the other people chatter while waiting for class. Luke better be here, it is a test day after all.

*wanders off*
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