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Published after much delay; Kyle's story.

After much delay, I'm finally publishing black_basilisk's story like I told him I would. He's also the one I wrote the last story for, which prompted this story. The usual stuff applys: Rated NC-17, copyrighted (c) 2003 Kyle, and contains m/m content. Play NeoPets if this isn't your cup of tea.

"He's that new kid?" inquired Ariel, pointing to an unfamiliar boy near the front of the classroom.

"Yea, that's him," Alex told his friend, pulling her arm down before the boy could notice them gawking at him.

"Wow, he's cute! He looks so lonely and isolated over there, though," she commented, glancing at Alex for his reaction.

"Yea, you're right," agreed Alex. He is cute he thought to himself. He was still sitting by himself, riffling through a folder that was, judging by the incredibly long formulas Alex saw in it, undoubtedly for that class.

Before Alex could attempt to glean any further knowledge about the mystery kid, their teacher, notably late as usual, hurried into the room and shut the door behind her. The class bell had rung five minutes ago.

Mrs. Ski, as they called her since her last name was Polish and nobody cared to pronounce the whole thing, was a small, slender, attractive woman who looked to be in her late twenties. Her dark golden skin was nearly the same color as her honeyed eyes, giving her the look of an Amazon. Despite her beauty and her somewhat dizzy manner, Mrs. Ski was an extremely competent calculus teacher.

"Before we continue the new unit on series, I'd like to introduce our new student!" announced Mrs. Ski breathlessly. "Everyone, this is Will. He moved here yesterday from Louisiana." Will did not smile or offer any words, but nodded curtly and folded his arms, returning the gaze of every curious classmate that had been turned on him. Mrs. Ski did not notice this aloofness and promptly returned to her desk, completely satisfied.

Mrs. Ski had the curious habit of starting a new chapter before giving a test on the previous one, meaning that students had more time to review the material but risked confusing it with the next chapter. Despite the fact that the last two days had been spent on chapter six, Mrs. Ski was reviewing chapter five today for tomorrow's test (meaning that the class was a blow off today). Something occurred to her as her more duteous students started pulling out their books.

"Who wants to catch Will up on this new chapter while I start reviewing for the test?" she asked hopefully, scanning the rows for volunteers.

"I will!" Alex offered quickly. A bit too quickly. Kids turned and looked at him inquisitively, Will raised an eyebrow ever so slightly over his stony face, and Ariel just grinned at him knowingly. Alex turned away, his face just a bit warm, as Ariel chuckled softly.

Five minutes later, Alex's desk was pushed up right next to Will's. Alex was explaining the simple concepts they had covered and Will was unmistakably bored. Ever so slightly, Alex began to inch his bare arm across the desk. When Will didn't respond, Alex closed the game and gently rested his hand on Will's skin. What followed was like an electric jolt to Alex. His heart raced with excitement at the touch. He looked up longingly at Will, and found two gorgeous hazel eyes locking with his own. Alex was hypnotized, focused on Will’s impassive, distant face. Dizzily he forced himself to breathe without gasping; both boys refused to look away from the other. A glimmer of some distant emotion in Will’s cool stare brought Alex back to his senses; Will had looked a little lusty for the faintest second.

Alex snapped his head forward. The class had been shooting furtive glimpses of the two peripherally; several people turned around as they saw Alex looking back at them. Will was not paying attention to them, as he had resumed working on his math problem.

Alex attempted to make light conversation, obviously trying to ignore what had just happened. The awkwardness was unbearable to him. “So Will, is it true you’re only a junior? That would make you a year ahead of everyone in this class, and you obviously are ahead of most of them already.”

Will glanced at him with contempt before brusquely replying, “Yep.”

Alex, a bit taken aback by the sudden frostiness in Will’s striking face, continued, “ So I bet the rest of us seem like real idiots to you!” He laughed weakly but Will certainly didn’t find it amusing. He merely turned back to the math, never denying Alex’s statement.

Sitting down next to Ariel a few minutes later, Alex sighed heavily. “He’s a jerk, unfortunately. What a waste…” he wistfully trailed off.

Ariel stared at him eagerly. “What were you guys doing, earlier, having a staring contest?!” she asked animatedly.

“No, I just looked into his eyes and sort of…got lost…” Alex replied, a tad dreamily.

“Well it looked like you two were about to kiss!” his friend told him, very amused.

Alex was in the middle of telling her how disappointing Will’s response was when the class bell rang. Alex frantically leaned over and stuffed everything into his backpack.

“Alex! Did you just see the way he looked at you when he left?” Ariel whispered frantically to him.


“It was like he couldn’t decide whether he wanted you or hated you.”

Alex was just as confused as she was.

After talking it over with Ariel that night, Alex decided he needed to just talk to Will directly before abandoning the prospect of getting to know him completely. He had no idea why Will seemed like such an important pursuit, but something about the way Will had looked at him still made him shiver with pleasure. When the end-of-class calculus bell rang the next day, Alex deliberately loafed around until he could get out of the classroom right behind Will.

Halfway down the hallway, he called out “Will!” He could see Will hesitate for a split second, but then Will continued walking, offering no acknowledgement of Alex’s existence. Alex quickened his pace and pulled up alongside Will. Will continued to completely ignore Alex.

“Will, why are you doing this?” Alex pleaded, frustrated by Will’s utter indifference to Alex’s desire. Will still did not answer. “Answer me! Why are you treating me this way?!” Alex demanded. Finally Will stopped at that command. He turned to Alex.

“I do not appreciate being patronized, mocked, and gawked at by a total stranger. It doesn’t matter where I go or what I do, even if I’m just minding my own business some idiot always takes it upon himself to make me feel miserable. I don’t care if you continue it or not since I’m so used to it from Louisiana that I don’t even feel it anymore. Now I’d appreciate it if you would not harass me again.” And with that, he walked off again, striding very quickly down the corridor. Will stood there in complete shock for several seconds before coming to his senses and dashing off after Alex.

“What are you talking about?!” he exclaimed vehemently. “I’ve never mocked you or harassed you! Why would I do that to someone I’ve never met?”

“Because I’m different and you’re afraid of that. Some people just don’t need reasons.”


“Yes, different.”

“Different how?”

Will scrutinized him closely, gauging his honesty, before bitterly answering, “I have…different preferences, as if you really needed to know that.”

Alex swallowed hard as Will studied his face for reaction; now was his chance to try to get Will to realize how he really felt! He opened his mouth, trying to tear the words from his vocal cords, to communicate in any way that Will was not alone, but Will’s deep brown eyes were drilling into him again, leaving his mouth dry and his face flushed. Before he could say anything, Will smiled grimly and turned down another hallway, leaving a flustered Alex to catch up again. Alex followed, aware that he was going nowhere near his next class. He regained his voice after a few steps.

“Look, I don’t know what you’re used to down south, but people aren’t like that here! They’re open minded and accepting! They really don’t care about so-called differences, and they won’t just insult you because they suspect something about you.” A large, ugly student in a football uniform walked past them right then, smirking. “Well…most of them,” Alex muttered angrily.

Will had stopped at a classroom door at this, and was staring at Alex curiously.

“And you yourself, you must have some other interest in me or you wouldn’t be following me around when your class is about to start,” Will pointed out, folding his arms and looking warily at Alex, who blushed.

“That’s true. I do like you…a lot.” His voice was a low whisper, haltingly searching for the right words. “I have since the first time I saw you. I’d do anything to be with you.”

  Will’s eyes widened in surprise and disbelief as Alex stuttered out that revelation. They quickly narrowed again as Will regained his composure. “I have to admit that I’m very attracted to you also, Alex, more than anyone I’ve ever met. But I’m serious about these things; I’ve had too many people hurt me to just mess around. Show me you’ll do anything to be with me, Alex. Right here in this crowded hallway.” Alex looked stricken at the ultimatum.

“But Will! We can’t let all these people see us! It’s none of their business what we do, and think of the crap they’d give us after that? Why here and now? I’ll do it, but I want it to be away from these people,” Alex pleaded desperately, anxious not to have his chance with Will slip through his fingers forever.

“You said anything, Alex. It’s okay, though, I didn’t expect too much,” Will answered viciously, wounded. He turned for the door.

And as Alex opened his mouth to beg, to reason with Will, the class bell cut him off. Will slammed the door behind him, glancing mournfully back at Alex.

“It’s not right! It’s not fair!” Alex furiously told himself, pacing his room, heartbroken, reflecting upon the events of that day. “How can he expect me to do that? What does that have to do with how I feel about him?!” He collapsed on his bed, distraught, the hot burning on the edges of his eyes threatening to push him past the brink of tears.

He did say he was serious, a small voice at the back of his head reminded Alex.

“Serious is one thing, but why humiliate us both in the process?” he argued with himself.

Maybe he doesn’t find it humiliating…maybe it’s you that has the problem with it.

“All right. It looks like he doesn’t care. Maybe that’s why he’s such an antisocialist! He doesn’t care about other people! Just think about the problems he had back where he used to live…”

Problems caused by people who couldn’t accept someone openly gay. People like you.

“What?! I’m fine with it! I just don’t want to be that way myself. I’m not ready for that.”

Why not? You said it yourself, most of the kids are fine with it, and what do you care about those that aren’t?

“It’s a big step. Why should I have to just plunge right in with no warning?”

Because, Alex, you are that serious about Will. Yes, you just met him, and look how upset you are! How could he not be worth something like that? He’s not asking you to do anything wrong.

That last thought echoed in his mind. He closed his eyes, unable to argue with it.

It’s for you just as much as him, you know. You ask why he wants so much; you should ask why you’re delaying the inevitable.

Alex had no response to that.

The next day, Alex strode pointedly out of calculus right behind Will. Will had been blatantly ignoring Alex’s efforts to catch his eye; the one time Alex had seen his face, it had quickly masked misery with apathy. Will had all but run from the room at the end of the lesson, but Alex (who had finished the simple math test early) had not let him get too far ahead. Alex sighed as Will stepped onto the school’s enormous main staircase and followed him, now only steps behind. Not going to make this easy for me, are you?

As Will turned on the landing to go up to the main floor, Alex called out his name. Not responding at all, Will took a step upward, and at that point Alex grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down to the middle of the landing, getting some curious stares from onlookers. They stood in the center of the landing, out of the way of everybody and within view of anybody. Will stared curiously as Alex stepped towards him. They were face to face when Alex stopped, fixated on Will, totally absorbed, taking no notice of everyone else.

For the second time, Alex felt a quiver of tenderness as he admired Will’s now-greenish eyes and had to force himself not to melt into his dark, magnificent features; his high cheekbones, his creamy skin, his sensual mouth. “You want serious?” he asked Will quietly, “well here you are.” And with that, he put his arms around Will’s waist, leaned forward, and kissed him.

Alex’s mind dissolved instantly into a world of enticing warmth. The kiss was soft and sweet as melted chocolate. Will’s eyelashes fluttered in surprise as Alex continued to press his lips tenderly against his own . Both of them completely melted into each other, forgetting the world around them existed. Alex closed his eyes, utterly lost in Will’s animal warmth, wishing the gentle caresses between their lips could last forever. Holding him was like a balmy summer breeze against his bare skin; Will had the faint fragrance of wildflowers. His world at a complete standstill, Alex continued to softly kiss Will, unwilling to give up heaven. Breathlessly he pulled one of Will’s beautiful lips with his teeth, trying to elicit a reaction. Will finally broke from his shocked trance.

Without hesitation, Will leaned forward and kissed Alex’s mouth, more urgently than Alex expected. He was moving intently now, his lips fervently sucking on Alex’s. Alex moaned very softly as Will’s arms traveled up his body and stroked his neck. His left hand continued and cradled Alex’s head gently and his kisses grew steadily more passionate. Alex pulled Will even tighter to his hips as Will ran his hands through Alex’s hair affectionately, possessively. Alex felt Will’s tongue slide slowly into his mouth and invitingly flicked his against it. He was so overwhelmed with emotion he could barely keep his knees from giving out. Will’s tongue was like a rush of melted butter into his mouth, tasting indescribably good, and Alex whimpered very softly for more. The two were momentarily fused in a state of bliss, of ecstasy, locked by desire for one another. Time had come to an end for them; their existence was only unbridled joy, stretching forever in all directions without need or cause, in that moment. Alex despised more than ever the millisecond in which their lips parted.

Will pressed his forehead to Alex’s lovingly as they both breathed heavily. Alex looked deep into Will’s eyes. “I told you I was serious,” he murmured drowsily, drunk with euphoria. Will’s lovely eyes were now dark brown and watery, his expression elated. In that moment, Alex knew he loved Will. His very essence and soul would live and die for Will’s, and he never doubted the revelation one bit. As Alex moved his hands from Will’s hips to his face and carefully stroked his cheeks, he became vaguely aware that something was wrong. Instead of ignoring the ubiquitous buzz of noise in a school hallway, he had to listen for it in the first place. He slowly turned his head without letting go of Will.     

Dead silence. The entire main hall of the school had stopped moving, talking, breathing, even, it seemed. The scene was like a frozen picture of some movie, the bystanders were so petrified with shock.

The main staircase was not a typical one; it stretched all three floors of the school (the partially subterraneous one being the first) and was built so that everyone in the main hall, which was where the staircase lead to, could see it. The hall itself was not so much a hall as a huge opening that people stood around in between classes, limiting the actual amount of transit that could occur. The staircase was framed on the side by a different hallway, even more easily viewed by anyone who happened to look over that way. The two landings of the staircase were completely visible to people on any floor, meaning anyone on those landings could be seen by just about anyone on any floor that wasn’t on the other landing or down a classroom hallway.

Literally hundreds of students, if not a thousand, were gaping at the two boys in amazement; nothing like this had ever happened before; no gay couple had ever pronounced themselves so publicly and so boldly. When Alex proudly, defiantly raised his head to meet their stares, Will was so overcome with pride that he wrapped his arms around Alex and leaned his head on Alex’s strong shoulder. To say that they looked like a happy couple would have been quite an understatement.

Ariel, who stood on the second floor side hallway, was the first to start clapping, but soon almost everyone had followed suit, applauding the men brave enough to make known their affection for one another in front of the entire school.

It was finally Friday and the typical buzz of excitement was palpable. Not the least excited were the two boys walking down the math hallway holding hands in full view of everyone. They were both walking deliberately slowly, a stark contrast to the other students rushing to get to their classrooms in a race with the imminent tardy bell.

Alex and Will just grinned at each other as the bell’s annoying beep caused the few stragglers to give squawks of alarm and run down the hallway, out of sight. There was no one else around.

“We’re alone, finally,” sighed Alex, pulling Will into a semi-hidden alcove inside the wall. On one side was the closed door to their math class, but on the other was an extension of the inlet. Anyone inside it was essentially out of sight of people in the hallway, which made it perfect for the two.

“If that’s what you call this,” Will replied, shooting an obvious glance at the door to their classroom, which would allow an entire classroom to see them if it was opened.

“Well, how much fun would it be if there was no chance of being caught?” quipped Alex. Will merely grinned in reply and yearningly pulled Alex’s head down toward his to kiss him with voracious thirst. Alex responded eagerly, grinding his hips deviously against Will’s, making the dark-haired boy squirm. Alex pulled his mouth reluctantly away for a moment, clearly intending to say something to Will. Will took the opportunity to brush Alex’s neck with a series of butterfly kisses, causing the blond to momentarily lose his focus, enraptured by the sensation. When Will gave him an affectionate nip, Alex recovered his train of thought and continued despite the pleasant distraction roving around his shoulders.

“You’ll never believe it, but my parents chose tonight of all nights to go to my sister’s college to watch the play she’s in! It’s far enough away that they’re just spending two days there, so my house won’t have anybody else in it for the entire night. I’ll be completely alone…” he trailed off slyly, winking at Will very suggestively. “I know I shouldn’t ask…but Will, I’ll be ever-so-lonely by myself and I’d be just delighted if you would keep me company!” His eyes were wide and gently mocking.

Will licked his lips sensually. “Just try and keep me away,” he told Alex devilishly. “My parents don’t care where I go at night as long as they don’t have to bail me out of jail.”

Alex winced inwardly at that remark. Will’s parents were a sensitive topic, and Alex got the feeling they strongly disapproved of Will’s “preferences.”   What a joke, using ‘preferences’ to describe being gay. It’s not as though we have any choice in which gender we ‘prefer.’

“I’m very glad to hear that,” Alex whispered into the boy’s ears excitedly. “I just may have to start thanking you right now, you know. I really do appreciate it…” And before Will could even process that, Alex’s hand had seductively slithered inside his shirt, caressing his bare chest and tummy. The hand stroked his pectorals and slid to his already hard nipples to lovingly play with them. Alex twisted one and pulled it lightly. The stimulation elicited a sharp intake of break from Will. He thought Alex had had enough when his hand slid downward, but it didn’t stop when it reached his pants. Without bothering to unbutton them, Alex slowly slid his hand past the waistband and underneath the material, touching exciting new territory, exotic flesh. He looked up at Will in surprise.

“No underwear, hmm? That’s very interesting,” he asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Well, I guess I was just so busy thinking of you this morning that I forgot to put them on. I don’t know how I could have been so careless,” Will purred as Alex’s hand inched closer to its goal. The purrs turned to mews when Alex ran his fingertips lightly along Will’s already completely hard length, smiling evilly. But even Alex could not resist the temptation for very long, and as he bent his head down to steal another kiss from Will, he wrapped his hand completely around Will’s penis and started twisting it while pulling out very gingerly. Will moaned into Alex’s mouth, pushing his hips towards Alex’s hand to create more friction. Alex responded by tightening his grip on Will’s shaft and pulling more quickly. Will was biting his lip to avoid crying out in ecstasy, so Alex distracted him by burying his tongue in Will’s warm mouth. Clear fluid was leaking onto Alex’s hand in alarming quantities but both boys were so enthralled by their joy that they could not even take notice. Alex was frantically racing his hand along Will’s pulsing shaft, carefully avoiding the exposed glans on the back of the head.

It seemed to Alex as though it had barely begun when Will clenched his eyes shut tight and gasped, “Oh gods, I’m almost there, Alex! Don’t stop!” Alex reached down and quickly undid the button and zipper of Will’s pants, pulling his penis free just in time to see its beautiful, engorged, purple head give a final throb as a spasm ripped through Will’s lithe, sensual body. Alex eagerly watched a jet of hot semen fly from the tip, traveling several feet before hitting the ground in a thick stream. He continued to furiously pump his hand around Will’s exquisite length, reveling in the feel of the warm ropes of creamy liquid drizzling down onto his hand as Will’s many shots grew shorter and shorter. Finally, when he had stopped spouting semen, Will collapsed against the wall behind him, swallowing hard as he tried to stand back up without it. He had been totally swept off his feet by the dizzying orgasm, and as he bathed in the blissful afterglow, he leaned forward and kissed Alex hard on the lips. “Thanks, love,” he murmured shakily. Alex simply stroked Will’s hair with his clean hand in response.

Alex began feverishly licking his fingers of the semen after a moment. Will opened his eyes to see his boyfriend ravenously cleaning his own hand of Will’s seed. The sight aroused Will to no end, but even as his flaccid dick stirred, Alex forced it down with his now-clean hand.

“Oh no you don’t, not again! I promise there will be more time for that later, but we need to get in there before someone comes walking out and finds us like this!” Alex warned, obviously tempted to disobey his own instructions. Will pictured Mrs. Ski walking out of the classroom and finding them like that, Will’s length clutched protectively in Alex’s hand, streams of white cream littering the floor, and nearly laughed out loud. Alex delicately finished wiping the last of the sticky goo from Will, and held his hand out to Will.

“Want a taste? Best drink I’ve ever had, I think,” Alex offered.

“Hmm, don’t mind if I do,” Will accepted dreamily, still in a daze of pleasure and happiness. He grabbed Alex’s wrist and sucked his fingers clean while Alex carefully zipped Will’s pants back up and deftly buttoned them with one hand.

Will got another taste of himself a second later when Alex wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into another fervent kiss. Will just sighed when Alex released him.

It was at the exact moment that the two of them turned to the classroom door that Mrs. Ski came running into the alcove and toward the door. She had her hand on the knob when she turned to face them in surprise.

“What on earth are you two doing here? Nobody should run as late as me!” she laughed. Both boys fidgeted uncomfortably and turned very red when they remembered there were remnants of their fun lying on the carpeted floor right next to them. Salty, wet remnants. Mrs. Ski shrewdly looked down and saw the remnants, glittering in all their glorious splendor. She cocked an eyebrow at them inquisitively, shrewdly. “Oh.” Then she smiled at them reproachfully. They stared at each other in disbelief; their math teacher wasn’t upset over this?! Rolling her eyes, she merely muttered “Kids these days!” and opened the door for them. As she followed and closed the door behind them, the entire class was obviously observing the two of them curiously, as though they might burst into flame at any minute. Alex merely grinned at them and slipped his arm around Will’s waist as they walked to the back of the room and sat down together.

Alex opened the front door to his house and stepped aside to let Will through. As Will stepped through the frame and stopped in the middle of the front hall, Alex hauled his tote bag (which he had insisted on carrying for Will) in behind and shut the door. Alex had picked Will up in front of his house (getting no little resistance from Will, who clearly wanted his family to stay away from Alex) in the early evening and they had driven straight there. A pizza was on the way via delivery boy, and the TV in the room next to them glowed. Will saw the Playstation 2 hooked up to it and then realized what was on the screen.

“Final Fantasy X!” he shouted happily. He eyed Alex enviously, “I’ve been dying to play that for the last year. Unfortunately, we have much more pressing concerns to attend to,” he sighed, leaning his head against Alex’s warm shoulder. Alex just chuckled at this.

“No, my love, it’s there for you to play. You mentioned it yesterday and I decided you needed some special treatment. Our pizza will be here in a few minutes,” he added, casually. Will looked like he had just won the lottery. Alex chuckled to himself; seeing Will this happy was more contenting than anything he had ever done for another person.

Several minutes later, Alex walked up next to a completely engrossed Will and set down a plate full of pizza slices piled high with a slew of normal toppings. “Supreme…I believe it’s your favorite,” announced Alex, pleasantly setting the plate and a cold coke on a chair next to Will, who was sitting on the couch. Will jumped at the words, looking up at Alex suddenly, with a trace of embarrassment that he had failed to notice the intrusion. Alex didn’t mind; he was enjoying pampering Will.

“Wow, Alex! Aren’t you just the perfect little housewife?” he teased, thanking Alex with a long, tender kiss. Alex slunk behind him onto the couch and inched up until he was in the perfect position, then carefully plucked the controller out of Will’s hands and set it down on the chair. Will whimpered pitifully, staring at Alex mournfully with huge adorable puppy eyes, but Alex just put a finger against Will’s lips softly and then pulled Will’s shirt up and over his head, revealing his firm chest and hard nipples. Giving one an affection tweak, Alex handed the controller back to Will, who breathed a sigh of relief and continued his boss fight eagerly.

When Alex began to give Will a shoulder rub, though, Will clearly was having trouble concentrating on the game. He periodically just trailed off into low groans, closing his eyes and tilting his head back so Alex could rest his lips on Will’s bare neck. Alex could easily see Will’s enormous aching erection through his khakis. Will sighed with pleasure as Alex ran a hand lightly along the bulge and rubbed it a few times. When Alex leaned forward and kissed Will deeply from above, something inside Will snapped. His eyes flew open and his hands moved to the back of Alex’s head as he drove his tongue deeper and deeper down Alex’s throat. Alex purred in response, sucking lovingly on it. Then Will ripped his mouth away, stood up, and looked hungrily down at Alex.

“Bedroom. Now.”

Alex was more than happy to oblige, and in a surprise move as he stood he swept Will off his feet and scooped the lighter boy up into his arms, carrying him quickly up the carpeted white staircase and around a bend into a room on the right. He deposited Will on a messily-made bed and quickly climbed onto it, his knees sinking down and rippling the entire mattress.

“Ooh, a waterbed?” Will asked excitedly. Alex nodded, grinning. He leaned over to the other side of the bed and pulled from the floor a towel and a bottle of massage oil. He peeled the warm, heavy comforter off the bed and spread the enormous, thick towel across a portion of it.

“Now roll over onto the towel, stomach down,” Alex instructed, pulling off his own shirt and opening the bottle. As Will complied obediently, Alex squirted a dollop of the oil into his hand and Will immediately smelled the faint, sweet fragrance of wildflowers.

“I feel so…exposed and vulnerable,” breathed Will silkily, gyrating his hips and raising his attractive butt enticingly. Alex’s answer to that was straddling Will’s hips, pushing his protruding crotch deliberately into Will, causing the boy to wriggle beneath him. Alex did not stop to enjoy the sensation for too long; he had work to do. He rubbed his hands together quickly and placed them gently on Will’s back. Will, who had expected an icy, wet shock, was pleasantly surprised to feel the aromatic massage oil was pleasantly warm. “Oh gods that’s nice, Alex,” Will moaned loudly.

“I put the oil in warm water before I went to pick you up,” Alex explained, beginning to knead Will’s back. Will just gasped as he felt himself immersed in warmth that had nothing to do with the oil.

“Alex…no one has ever been this loving or considerate to me,” Will confided, his voice masking a very slight shake.

“It’s because no one has ever treated you the way you deserve to be treated. This is what love is,” Alex replied a little fiercely, silently cursing Will’s family for keeping the boy in pain for so long.

Alex spread his hands and worked his way down Will’s tight back, grimacing at the strained muscles he could feel. At each knot, he stopped and rubbed delicately it with his hands until he felt the knot dissolve. When he found a stringy cord of muscle, he carefully relaxed and unwound it slowly, until the muscle sheet was smooth again. He could tell he was doing his job well whenever he heard a sharp intake of breath from Will, followed by a slow, calm exhalation. When he was finally satisfied that Will’s back had been properly relieved from stress, Alex slid his arms around Will’s waist, pausing momentarily to fondle the bundle hanging low from between his legs, and fixed his hands on Will’s pant button, for the second time that day. “And now, my dear, if you won’t object, I’ll continue this full body massage…” Alex trailed off erotically. Even a mountain of gold could not have caused Will to resist.

Unhooking the button and pulling down the zipper carefully, Alex inched Will’s pants off slowly, so as not to shake the boy from his peaceful trance. As before, Alex was happy to see that Will was not wearing underwear. He poured another glob of the warm oil into his hands and rubbed his palms together vigorously.

Alex rubbed Will’s tight, firm buttocks with relish and bent forward to kiss each one happily. He rubbed them with as much love as he had Alex’s back, and allowed one of his fingers to slowly descend into Will’s crack and flicker casually along the sphincter muscles. A quiver ran through Will’s body as soon as Alex pulled his hand out. The aroma of his finger how was musky, not at all unpleasant.

He moved down Will’s legs reluctantly, giving each the full treatment, though they were not in great need of it. He finally ended with a long, firm, rolling massage of each foot, the kind that any person would enjoy. It was then he crawled up next to Will and whispered sensually in his ear, “It’s time to try the other side now.” He had barely even said those words when Will began to roll over quite easily. Alex grabbed a shoulder and helped Will turn without straying off the towel. Another squirt of massage oil and Alex went to work on Will’s torso, pressing very gently along the chest, being very affectionate with the nipples and pectorals. He continued on to rubbing Will’s tummy very leisurely and possessively. Alex bowed his head down and dipped his tongue into Will’s belly-button, extracting another gasp and a sigh.

Though his chin bumped them on his way down, Alex sadistically avoided touching Will’s more interesting parts, wanting, of course, to save the best for last. He quickly finished with Will’s calves and gently held each hand, tapping them with different pressures and squeezing the sections very methodically. Finally, there remained only one unloosened part of Will.

“Well, I do believe I said a full body massage, didn’t I, Will? Well, I can’t exactly go back on my word, can I?” Alex laughed mischievously. Will gave him the slightest grin.

“Renege on it and I’ll swallow your dick and not let you have it back,” returned Will, in what was obviously a very poor threat.

“Don’t tempt me, lover,” warned Alex as he reached a hand underneath Will’s scrotum and began teasing it. His other hand scooped up the two large, glorious testicles and began juggling them around playfully and incredibly gingerly. Alex’s own impatience outweighed Will’s, though, and he went straight for Will’s shaft before Will had even begged for release.

Alex slowly pulled straight up and down, gently squeezing different parts of it in a distracted attempt to massage it. Traces of slippery massage oil were still in Alex’s hands when he rubbed Will’s penis all over them, smoothing the skin for fluid jerking.

As Alex started jacking Will harder, he finally noticed an amazingly wonderful sensation between his legs. He looked down and found that one of Will’s wandering hands had managed to undo his pants, pull down his briefs, take out his at this point excruciatingly hard penis, and begin jacking it, all without Alex even noticing. Alex gazed down at Will intently before pulling away, ripping off his remaining clothes, and lying down right on top of Will. Their two naked bodies felt indescribably wonderful pressed against each other in rapport, each of their hard lengths rubbing against the other’s. As they stared each other straight in the eyes, each suddenly moved forward simultaneously and the two of them kissed joyously, fiercely, fused in triumphant jubilation. As Alex looked down, there were tears in Will’s eyes.

“Alex,” Will told him movingly, “I love you so much it hurts me physically. Just the way you are, the way you make me feel…Whenever I see you, I want to scream in joy, in terror that another person could make me feel like this, like…like I know the exact reason for my existence, and that the reason is right in front of me, holding me, caressing me, telling me how much he cares about me. I love you so much that I explode with life and wonder whenever I see you and whenever I’m with you, and in explode in anguish whenever I see you go. I can’t express it at all in words, but I don’t know how I can express it in actions except by making love to you, Alex.

“Will,” Alex whispered, overcome with jubilance, “I can’t imagine an existence without you, so you must be my reason for living. It’s been four incredible days and I wouldn’t go back to the way things were before I met you for anything. I can’t even understand how I saw each day through without you there. Will, you’re my Earth’s sun and my moon’s Earth; without you to be the center of my universe I would never, ever be able to soar again. I need you more than anything and I’ll love you until the love has eaten every fiber of our beings and there’s nothing left of us, not even dust. I can’t understand the depth of my emotion, but I love you so much I forget to breathe sometimes.   I’ll never let you go.”

Will and Alex could not believe the pledges they had just made, and yet they inexplicably knew they could be nothing but true. Alex moved his hand forward and gently brushed a tear from Will’s rapturous eyes, and moved the finger to his mouth to suck the tear off. And without warning, the two boys were kissing again, feverishly, uncontrollably. The kisses were all over, shoulders, eyes, ears, chest, neck, hair! Their lips meandered all over each others’ bodies, until, as if by extraordinary luck, Will, on his knees leaning over a spread-eagle Alex, found his face directly above Alex’s erection. Will inhaled deeply of Alex’s musky scent, and that was all the encouragement they both needed.

As Will wrapped his hand around Alex’s penis and gently tugged downward, he brought his other hand up to Alex’s low-hanging testes and carefully rolled them around in this hand. As Will continued the pull, Alex’s foreskin peeled back and revealed a large, swollen, purple head. Will fondled Alex’s balls nonchalantly while he greedily eyed the prize in front of him. As he brought his hand upward, a drop of clear precome collected on Alex’s slit and the boy squirmed when Will brought his head down further, his nose mere millimeters away, to sniff the clear juice. His tongue flicked out and finally made contact with Alex’s tip, licking the dewdrop away and going back to give more attention to the whole head. Alex groaned distantly when Will’s flicks became full tongue swipes. He grasped the shaft like a lollypop and enthusiastically went to work on the candy at the end. Alex groaned again more insistently, the pearly fluid slowly trickling out onto Will’s tongue. Will used the tip of his tongue to trace the edge of the glans all the way around, skimming the edge of the mushroom head. Alex finally let out a cry of mixed pain and pleasure at the intense sensation this created.

Will triumphantly began to lick his way down the shaft, that particular goal having been achieved. When he reached Alex’s testes, he cupped them in one hand while licking them animatedly, the salty tang tasting delicious in his mouth. Grinning wickedly, Will opened his mouth as wide as he could and managed to pop both of Alex’s testes inside without gagging himself. Alex sighed with pleasure as Will sucked on the pouch in his mouth yearningly. After several minutes of tonguing the sensitive folds of skin, Will gently extricated Alex’s sac from himself and resumed his licking back up Alex’s agonizingly stiff penis. He grasped it with his right hand and with a final, resolute sureness, slid Alex’s whole head into his mouth and started sucking.

Alex had stopped feeling anything but Will’s mouth long ago, but he exploded internally to new realms of delight when his dick was finally enveloped in Will’s warm, wet mouth. Not once did Will’s teeth graze the edge of his head; he had the touch of a deceptively inexperienced lover. Alex groaned for a third time, louder than either of his previous ones, obviously well on his way to climaxing. Will lashed his tongue over Alex’s head and massaged it with the tongue’s bumpy surface, nearly causing the boy to scream. Swallowing again, he twisted his mouth around on Alex’s erection and lowered his head more, taking nearly the whole half-foot into his mouth and enjoying every second of it. Will didn’t stop there, though; it slowly slid farther into his mouth and by the time Alex’s sparse pubic hair was tickling Will’s lips, the head was fully lodged in Will’s throat. Will relaxed his throat, forcing himself not to gag, while Alex squeezed his eyes shut tight and petted Will’s hair frantically. Will finally let up a little when he had tears in his eyes from the impulse to choke.

Alex was clearly getting closer and closer to the brink of orgasm, and Will went to work on him with renewed vigor. His head bobbed up and down, sucking so hard on Alex that his cheeks ached from the effort. His tongue caressed anything it could find while his hands explored Alex’s butt; one hand squeezed the round, firm cheeks while the other slid a finger up and teased Alex’s tight anal opening. Alex writhed and cried out feverishly at the tickling sensation against the sensitive ring of muscle. Moving his hand from Alex’s buttocks to his throbbing dick, Will slid it next to his lips so he was jacking Alex off while sucking him.

Alex was nearly there and Will, sensing it, just quickened his pace even more. Moving his head up and down wildly, his hand working in tandem with his mouth, he felt like he was about to suck the life right out of Alex. He turned his hand slightly as he sucked, giving Alex two distinctly enjoyable sensations. When Will felt an unusually large pulse in his mouth, he knew Alex was ready, and simply slid his mouth up to the head and suckled the knob while licking the ridges of the glans leisurely. Alex gave a decisive yelp as he dug his hands into Will’s hair, their bodies arching in rapport.

“Oh! Will, I’m there! Don’t stop, I’m coming!” he wailed, his eyes clenched shut forcefully. With a final cry, he exploded into Will’s mouth, the culmination of the most intense orgasm Alex had ever experienced.

Will, who had been waiting impatiently for it, was prepared to deal with a normal amount of fluid, but he was caught totally off guard by the flood that came from Alex’s unbelievably swollen penis. Before he realized, the warm, salty rush of semen had filled his mouth and began pouring out the corners. He quickly attempted to lap up all the cream, but Alex’s gushing erection was winning the race against Will’s hyperactive swallowing. The semen continued to pour out onto Will’s chin, nothing stemming the surges inside his mouth. Will was in absolute bewilderment at the amount of semen Alex was producing. The spurts finally died away to a drizzle when Alex had shot perhaps half a cup. The sticky stuff was literally everywhere; all over Alex’s belly and chest, running down Will’s neck all the way to his crotch, smearing Alex’s towel all around them.

Gasping for air, Will gingerly gave Alex’s penis a few more affectionate licks before collapsing onto the bed next to him. He landed face to face with him and their sticky bodies pressed against each other. Breathing heavily, Alex leaned his head forward and licked Will’s face clean of his own semen; the stuff was all over, even in Will’s eyebrows. Alex finished the job by drawing Will in for a tender, slow kiss.

“Gods, I love you so much, Will,” Alex whispered, kissing his earlobe. Will just nodded solemnly, his eyes shining with joy. Alex curled his body around Will, drawing the boy even closer to him, licking his neck clean and kissing it. Alex’s hazy, post-orgasmic state began to wind down, his shocked nerve endings’ tingling dulling slightly. Suddenly he sat up and jumped off the bed quickly, in a sudden burst of energy. Will looked at him inquisitively.

“Will, I’m frightfully sticky right here, and I do feel the need for a nice long shower to clean me off. It would be terribly rude of me to just leave you here, though,” he explained. He extended his hand toward Will, stopping momentarily to squeeze Will’s turgid penis before bringing it toward his hand. Winking, he asked invitingly, “Would you care to join me?”

Will happily rolled off the bed and grabbed Alex’s hand. Bringing it up to his lips, he knew immediately that he would never let it go.


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